Infobase at for cultivation of crops in India InfoBase at provides vast information on Crop cultivation in India.

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Welcome to Infobase at CropInfo

Information base on cultivation of Crops in India at

Crop Information

Welcome to your gateway to Crop Information. Here we will provide you not only scientific but practical informations regarding different crops cultivated through out India. Crop Information regarding

  • Seeds,
  • Agronomic Practices - Sowing, Cultivation, Irrigation
  • Crop Protection - Pest, Pesticides, Brands & Companies 
  • Harvesting
  • Marketing
  • Post Harvest Processing etc.
  • Links to agriculture related important websites
  • Seeds, pesticides & fertilizer dealers information
  • Information on Agroclimatic conditions
  • Information on various Govt. & PPP projects

Please do visit frequently as Crop information is updated frequently. Visit CropInfo Choupal to share your knowledge on agriculture in India.

If you are an Agriculture expert in any field of Agronomy, Horticulture, Floriculture, Entomology, Plant Pathology, Soil Science, Post Harvest Technology, Agriculture Economics, Agriculture Extension, Rural Marketing etc. You can provide your input on your preferred subject by visiting 'Recent blog enteries' link on the left column or 'Recent Blog on Agriculture' below in Quick Finder. You can register at in simple two steps and start blogging.

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Every Green Word on this Website is a link to more details on that Word. When you take your mouse pointer to any Green word, you see an image of a 'Hand finger pointing upwards'. Click on the green text (left mouse click) and it will take you to detailed information on the word you have selected to click. Navigate around by clicking every Green Text you see at InfoBase and it will take you to the ocean of information on Agriculture, Crops, Pest, Pesticides, Pesticide Companies in India, Govt. institutes, Universities and..... So get set Go !  

Current Weather Observations

Current Weather Observations

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Current Weather Observations !

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